Crematorium machine container human body burn designed for Phillipines market

Crematorium machine container human body burn designed for Phillipines market

Model No.︰201404

Brand Name︰keenbase

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Product Description

Our cremator serials were developed to meet all existing requirements with high fuel efficiency, equiped with a reliable and elegant way of emission control, which eliminate completely dust or chemical release without the need for prior preparation or subsequent treatment.

At least three minutes retention time, underground exhaust way, all those factors are reasons of ensuring environmental frendly.

Long service life of the refractory lining, designed continously cremation make this machine process up to ten bodies within eight ours working time.


1.Automatic operation - The self-monitoring control system simplifies the cremation process, shutting itself off upon completion of the cycle. 

2.No smoke -This feature effectively consumes and destroys smoke and odor from the cremation process. 

3.Quiet operation-Our unique design allows operation without disturbing other services. 

4.Retrieval system - Retrieval of cremated remains is safe and quick with the convenient external collection hopper. 

5.Cremation chamber floor- Unique "Hot Hearth" design eliminates fluid runoff and minimizes fuel consumption. 

6.Insulating thickness- we use material that can supply longest lasting refractory and highest thermal efficiency. 

7.Loading door- Self-locking, self-sealing door opens and closes at the push of a button. 

8.Easy installation- Installation is made easy as our units are fully modularized. Once the machine has been off loaded and the stack and utilities hooked-up, out factory personnel provide a free start-up and training service.

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