cremation machine no smell

 cremation machine no smell

Model No.︰Premuin

Brand Name︰BaL

Country of Origin︰China

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cost of crematorium retort funeral how much cremation machine crematory.

high volume human cremation unit. It benefits from refractory wall thickness and temperature controlled oil gun that ensure it has the lowest fuel consumption possible. Complete with a waved movable hearth design that carry in the body or carry out the ash. A touch screen control interface is employed with a fully automatic control sequence that removes the possibility of human error. It utilizes a separate ash cooling device located at the middle of the unit.



The operation our cremator machine is made simple by the fully automatic control sequence. A temperature controller ensures optimum control while providing the lowest fuel consumption. two 10 inch touch screen make sure all information displayed fully.



A innovative design feature on this machine allows for fire fully touching of the body, reduce fuel usage and afterburning heat to be recycled through the floor, eliminating fluid problems and improving fuel consumption, whilst extending the hearth life.



This cremation machine is fully insulated with high temperature resistant material and firebrick providing longevity and better fuel efficiency.

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