automatic cremation human from china EU standard

automatic cremation human from china EU standard

Model No.︰Premium1

Brand Name︰BaL

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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A user-friendly, high-performance human crematory unit. The Baoling Premium mode utilizes the latest technology to deliver increased daily throughput, cremation cycles averaging 20 to 45 minutes and the ability to accommodate cases up to 300kg. With an average cycle time of 35 minutes, this model can complete up to 12 cycles in 8 hours of time.

  • Advanced designed primary chamber
  • Fully automatic PLC operating system
  • 10-inch color touch screen control panel
  • Secondary chamber retention time: 2 seconds
  • Third chamber and Fourth retention time:5 seconds
  • Cremation cycles 30 minutes, on average

Payment Terms︰ TT/LC

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